Very Special Promotion

We decided to start a wonderful promotional campaign before the upcoming Christmas festivities in order to let you to sell much more electronics (smartphones, smartwatches, computer, computer parts, consumer electronics etc.).

The promotion is as following:

a) the invoice to be paid after 30 days of receipt of the goods (from the date of delivery stamped by the shipper). The customer has to make a bank transfer directly to our bank account in Barcelona, Spain.

b) not any down payment before the delivery and not before of the above said 30 days.

c) all products are new, no…absolutely not refurbished. The products are the same you can find in any shop or megastore.
BTW, you have enough time to check them one by one and if any discrepancy you can return those products back to us and we will pay for the transportation cost as well. You can even deduct the cost of such wrong product from your bank transfer.

d) all products have the original international warranty from the main manufacturer as such Intel, Samsung, Apple, and so on. Regarding those products that have not a well knot brand, then the warranty is 2 years.

e) you can purchase any product you like/need. We will buy them for you and deliver them with just 3-4 days delay (we need an extra logistic time, please understand).

f) you send your order to us via email or fax, we will answer asap with our best offer and delivery date. If you agree, then we will go further.

g) Please remember to include your target price for each product (smartphones, smartwatches, computer, computer parts, consumer electronics etc.), without your exact target price and item description we will not consider your inquiry.

You will surely understand that this is a really unbeatable and unmissable offer that cannot last forever. Our special offer expires on November 22nd, 2016 (the customers can submit the last order within November 22nd, 6:00pm Central European Time.).

Please contact us right now since we cannot offer the above special promotion for long time.

Please Read Our Questions & Answers

Q – What about the down payment I must T/T to you before the delivery?
A – There is not any down payment from your side. Just sent us the order with your target price and we will answer to you if we are able or not to supply those products.

Q – What about the delivery date?
A – We will deliver the whole products with a delay of 3~4 working days since we need extra logistic time before the delivery to your warehouse. Thanks for your understanding on this matter.

Q – Regarding the warranty, what you can say?
A – The warranty is the original warranty from the main manufacturer or distributor.

Q – What is the cost that the final customer has to support?
A – No cost for the importers and not cost for the manufacturers.

Q – Please let us know if the products are new or refurbshed
A – ALL products are NEW, never used, never unpacked and come from the main manufacturers or official distributors.

Q – The mobile phones or smartphones are locked or unlocked?
A – ALL mobile phones or smartphones are unlocked and have NOT any telecom logo on them.

Q – What about the prices?
A – Surely our prices will be the lowest you can find on the market. Thanks to our price reduction marketing strategy we can offer such low prices.

Q – How would occur commercial transactions?
A – For any detailed information please contact us directly via email, phone, fax or Skype. We speak english, french, spanish, italian. We welcome you to visit our office in Barcelona, Spain.


you can contact us also via Skype, our ID is as following: BC International
Note: since there are many similar IDs on Skype, You have to choose the BC International that is showing as location Barcelona, Spain.

No Down Payment!
100% New products!

Prompt delivery! Lowest Prices!

Unbelievable But True!

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