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We developed an excellent marketing strategy in order to have any kind of product (electronics, computers, mobile phones, photovoltaic panels and parts, led display, hardwares, fasteners, machinery, furniture, leather, wines & spirits, food, etc., etc….) with a price reduction of about 20% from the factory/invoice prices.

Surely that is a HUGE opportunity for your company as well or for any company your partners since offering such price reduction will lets you to have much more customers and that means, of course, HUGE businesses and profits for you.

So, if your buyers are purchasing your products, as an example, at usd100,…..now thanks to ourĀ  new and unique marketing strategy, it will be reduced to: 100-20%=usd80 only!!!

The amazing side is that we can apply such price reduction to any kind of product and by your side you do not have to make any new operations, nothing will change the way you do your actual business.

Please contact us right now since we cannot offer such amazing business opportunities to all companies.

Please Read Our Questions & Answers

Q – Your “Price Reduction” strategy it is an additional discount from the manufacturer?
A – No, the producer does not have to reduce its export prices. The manufacturer will continue to offer their merchandises as before.

Q – The Producer or the customer must change the way they do their business?
A – Absolutely not. Each transaction will be transparent and will not affect any of the parties.

Q – If the manufacturer offers me a discount, I can at the same time also enjoy the “price reduction” of 20%?
A – Of course! Any discount from the manufacturer can be perfectly combined with the strategy of “Price Reduction” of 20%. The final importers will receive a further price reduction.

Q – Can I buy from my trusted supplier and benefit at the same time your “price reducing” service?
A – of course, the customer can buy the products or service from its trusted supplier.

Q – with regard to PhotoVotaic panels, you can import from other countries besides China?
A – Certainly, we can import from other countries besides China, Malaysia, Taiwan. In this case, those products will avoid a heavy anti-dumping duty imposed by the EU on products made in China.

Q – What is the cost that the final customer has to support?
A – No cost for the importers and not cost for the manufacturers.

Q – What would be the exact percentage of the “Price Reduction”?
A – The exact percentage of the “Price Reduction” depends on a few factors that are easy to find once we know where the end customer is located and the exact kind of merchandises he is buying. Normally it is an average of 20% . Of course, before any transaction the importers will know about the exact percentage of price reduction he can receive.

Q – How do you get exactly this price reduction?
A – As we know, to promote a product or a brand every company must invest a significant amount of money. We at BC International have decided to act differently, rather we have decided to pleasure our clients with fantastic offers so have decided to NOT invest in big advertising campaigns but to reduce our prices in order to offer the same products with prices lower by about 20%.
So, instead of spending money to pay for a very expensive advertising, we thanks to our experts can provide those expensive marketing efforts at no cost, and at the same time that money saved will be granted to our customers as a discount on the products.
Furthermore, each company has its own management system, its corporate policy, its suppliers …. all these choices, together with the advertising savings we mentioned above allow us to obtain a substantial reduction in prices.

Q – How would occur commercial transactions?
A – For any detailed information please contact us directly via email, phone, fax or Skype. We speak english, french, spanish, italian. We welcome you to visit our office in Barcelona, Spain.


you can contact us also via Skype, our ID is as following: BC International
Note: since there are many similar IDs on Skype, You have to choose the BC International that is showing as location Barcelona, Spain.

An average of 20% OFF Compared to Any Factory Price!

Unbelievable But True!

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